Avoiding Prison After Credit Card Fraud Charges

money-256315_640Credit cards are a convenient way to make purchases. However, convenience sometimes comes with risk. Use of credit cards may leave people vulnerable to charges of credit card fraud.

Nevada law recognizes several kinds of credit card fraud.

  •  NRS 205.680 to make a false statement for the purposes of obtaining a credit card.
  • NRS 205.690 makes it illegal to obtain or possess credit card information without the consent of the card’s owner.
  • NRS 205.750 is directed to the unauthorized use of a credit card with the intent to defraud.
  • NRS 205.760 makes it illegal to use a card that is known to be revoked.

These and other statutes can be brought against a consumer in Nevada. Frequently, credit card fraud in Nevada is considered a category D felony. This can mean a prison term of between one and four years and also paying as much as $5,000 in fines.

The defendant is also typically ordered to make restitution to the victim. If the defendant is charged in federal court, then they may be facing a maximum of 20 years in a federal prison. Clearly, Nevada credit card fraud charges should be taken seriously. Contact the Potter Law Offices for competent criminal defense services.