Avoid the Liabilities that Come With Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas

Avoid the Pitfalls of a Traffic Ticket

Driving is an essential part of modern life. Most people must drive to meet their professional and personal obligations. The average person spends two or more hours each day in their car. It’s inevitable that you will eventually violate a traffic law and receive a ticket. Your options are to pay the fine or contest the citation in court.

Paying the fine is the same as pleading guilty to the violation. The ticket will stay on your driving record for a year. The negative impact on your insurance premiums can last much longer. Each moving violation in Nevada has a specific number of points. If you accumulate 12 or more points in one year, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend your license for a period of six months. A poor driving record can jeopardize your livelihood or prevent you from obtaining certain types of employment.

If you don’t pay the ticket or make the necessary arrangements to appear in court at the appointed time, you can be held in contempt of court for failing to appear. A judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. The contempt charge can result in jail time, a high fine and new charges.

If you receive a ticket or a bench warrant, contact an attorney familiar with traffic cases to discuss your legal rights and options.