Avoid Discharging a Firearm in a Populated Area

RevolverAn indictment has been handed down for a Clark County man accused of murdering his landlords. Gary and Bonny Cravish were allegedly shot by Mark Carpenter in May. The bodies were discovered by the couple’s daughter. In addition to being charged with murder and burglary, Carpenter is also facing two counts of discharging a firearm from within a structure in a populated area.

Though it seems like the least serious of the charges, discharging a firearm from within a structure actually carries heavy penalties. NRS 202.287 covers discharging a firearm from a structure or vehicle. The law prohibits wanton and malicious use of a firearm inside any building, including tents, or vehicle. There are a few exceptions to this prohibition. For instance, a person who discharges a firearm inside a structure as part of their lawful business would likely not be charged under NRS 202.287.

The penalties can include up to 15 years in state prison and a $5,000 fine. Moreover, a person convicted under NRS 202.287 may lose their gun rights. If you are facing similar charges, then you need to act quickly. Hiring a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney is the first step. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices stand ready to vigorously defend your rights.