Assault and Battery

The Potter Law Firm: Assault and Battery, Las Vegas

Potter Criminal Defense provides comprehensive assistance to people who have been charged with assault and/or battery within the Las Vegas area.  These two legal terms represent two distinct offenses, but they are frequently combined.  An assault is any threat to inflict harm, but the charge of battery is reserved for actual physical contact.

There are also different classes of battery, and some of these may result in harsher sentencing.  This is why using the services of the Potter Law Firm is critical, especially when facing serious charges. The most severe penalties may apply if the plaintiff is a member of a protected group.  Determining the exact details of the case is the first line of defense.  During the initial consultation, our attorneys scrutinize all potential legal options that might apply to your case.

The most serious penalties can apply when the battery or assault was directed towards a member of one of these protected classes:

  • Police or firefighters
  • Health care workers
  • Judges
  • Other protected groups

Legal nuances in assault and battery proceedings often affect simple battery, domestic violence, weapons or extensive bodily harm cases.  Each one of these categories must be handled differently.  The Potter Law Firm employs only the most potent legal strategies in order to substantially reduce the severity of the charges whenever possible.  In some cases, charges may be dropped if certain conditions are met.

If you face assault and battery charges against a member of a protected group, or even if you face a less serious offense, the services of a Potter Law Firm attorney is invaluable.  With our vast legal experience and working knowledge of the intricacies of the Nevada legal code, we confidently build the best legal defense for every client.

Partnering with the Potter Law Firm entitles all of our clients to receive first-class legal services.  Every attorney is an active member of a professional association or organization, and each of them stays current on recent legal developments that may impact new clients.  We work hard to ensure that every assault and battery case is handled diligently and that every legal option is made available.

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