Assault and Battery Attorney

Assault and Battery: Attorneys, Las Vegas

There are a few critical distinctions between the charge of assault and the charge of battery. The first distinction involves the degree of the charge, and the second involves the combination of these two charges.

For example, there are various levels of severity that could apply to the charge of battery. This charge may or may not be combined with assault. Although the battery charge is often accompanied with an assault charge, this is not always the case.

Sometimes a simple case can have complex variables involved. This is where the Potter legal representation becomes invaluable. There are multiple categories for both battery and assault, and these may or may not include weapons, domestic violence issues and other factors.

In addition, an individual will need immediate professional legal assistance if they have been charged with assault or battery of:

• Members of firefighter departments or the police force
• Members of the judicial class
• Healthcare workers and others

The experienced and capable attorneys at Potter Law can help you navigate the legal issues that you or a loved one is facing. There are many benefits to gain from contacting us for a free case evaluation. When you understand the options available to you, it is easier to make informed decisions.

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