Area 51 Fun Facts

The Legacy of the Area 51 Research Center

Many people are curious about the top-secret happenings at Area 51. Perhaps no one has been quite as interested in them as a Nevada man named Glenn Campbell. Beginning in 1992, Campbell operated what he dubbed the “Area 51 Research Center” from the nearby town of Rachel.

He began by gathering as much information as possible about the base, and then compiling it into a guidebook. Campbell also networked with other base watchers who referred to themselves as “interceptors”. He spent countless hours walking around the perimeter of the base and getting a feel for the operations that were taking place there.

In walking the perimeter, he discovered a hilly area that made it possible for him to see deeper into the base. Campbell declared this area to be “Freedom Ridge”, and set up an observation area here. From his vantage point, he collected data that was published in a newsletter called “Desert Rat.” He also published a website with some of the information he discovered.

The news media became interested in his story around 1994, but by the following year, interest had dwindled. During his heyday, Campbell was featured in the New York Times, and appeared on several news programs. In 1995, he relinquished the Area 51 Research Center to other interested parties, who continued to observe Area 51 for several more years.