Are You in Vegas’ Naughty Book?

Vegas Black Book-The Official Local Blacklist

Visitors to local casinos have more reasons not to cheat than they may be aware of. That’s because not only can cheating cause you to be arrested, your name could also be placed in the “black book”. This little-known book contains a list of patrons that are unwelcome in local casinos because they have been found to be unreputable.

Since 1959, Las Vegas casinos have been under the control of the Gaming Control Board. This board is responsible for investigating fraud that occurs inside casinos. They then report this fraud to the Nevada Gaming Commission, which then makes a final determination as to whether fraud actually occurred.

The first black book was published in 1960, and was aptly named because it had a black cover. In the beginning, the book contained only the names of those who were caught cheating at the blackjack tables or on slot machines. Over time, the list has expanded to include those who run illegal sports betting operations or perform loan sharking. The reason is that these individuals are deemed to be unreputable, and therefore could not be trusted inside Vegas casinos.

This publication is regularly updated to remove names of the deceased. Those who are “nominated” for listing in the black book must face a hearing before the Nevada Gaming Commission and may be represented at this hearing by legal counsel.

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