Another Sad Story Involving Assault and Battery

Bloody stabbingGet a Second Chance from a Robbery, Assault or Battery Charge

Just when you think you have seen the worst that could happen to somebody, you hear another story in the news of a crime committed that is worse. Recently, a Taxi Cab driver was sent to the Vista Apartments to pick up a ride at 2 am. When he arrived to the destination, he was attacked, stabbed multible times and robbed by a 16 year old teenager who then took off in the cab. The driver was left to bleed to death in the parking lot, but luckily he was found. This was a premeditated crime that seriously injured the cab driver, and two hours later the police found the abandoned cab outside of town.

The teen was also found and taken into custody. He is charged with aggravated assualt (NRS 200.471) and armed robbery with a deadly weapon (NRS 205.060) and will be tried as an adult. Everyday incidents like this occur for reasons ranging from simple burglary to gang-related initiations, but Potter Criminal Defense believes that everybody deserves a second chance.

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