Another Las Vegas Cold Case

Cold Case Files-The Untimely Death of an Elvis Impersonator

An ongoing cold case here in Vegas is that of Elvis impersonator Dana Mackay and his girlfriend Mary Linda Huffman, a former Mrs. Nevada. The two were slain inside their mansion, which was dubbed “mini-Graceland” between September 30 and October 2, 1993.Police went to the home on October 2, 1993 after a friend asked officers to do a welfare check. Upon arrival, they found the two lying dead on the floor with their grocery bags sitting close to them. Apparently, they had been shot upon arrival, and the act appeared to be a mob style hit.

Several other theories have been tossed about over the years, one being that the pair walked in on a robbery in progress. This concept was dismissed primarily because of the fact that MacKay’s wallet and jewelry were not taken. In fact, the only thing missing from the home that day appears to be a manila folder in which the performer kept all of his important papers in, including those dealing with a landscaping business he operated.

The idea that the murders was a drug deal gone bad has also been dismissed, since neither one of the victims were known to have abused drugs, and none were found inside the mansion. This case continues to puzzle homicide detectives, so anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Las Vegas Police Department.