An Alternative to a DUI

Is Driving Really Necessary? Take the Bus

Every year thousands of people get DUIs in Nevada. They ran through stop signs, red lights and many accidents occur with a driver under the influence. Whether the DUI is from alcohol or drugs, in Las Vegas, driving under the influence of any substance is against the law. (NRS 484)
Has Your Kid Been on the Naughty List?

Has Your Kid Been on the Naughty List?

An arrest and conviction of a DUI can be overwhelming. Injuries to you, other drivers and financial hardship can be disastrous. Here are 10 tips that to help prevent a DUI.

1. Have a designated driver.
2. Use public transportation.
3. Take the driver’s keys if they have had too much.
4. Spend the night in a hotel. It’s better to be out $50, than $10,000.
5. Make sure to always have food, which helps slow the alcohol and other substances in entering the blood stream as fast.
6. Alternate drinks; one with alcohol, then followed by soda or a soft drink.  The risks still exist if you have too many drinks, obviously, this is a way to remain more social.
7. Don’t hesitate in calling family or friends for a ride home. Once again, you won’t get away with driving under the influence; it’s the drug or drink telling you that you will.
8. Stay where you are.
9. No matter what time of day you think you must drive while intoxicated or high, stay where you are. Nothing is so important that you have to risk your life and others.
10. Don’t drink or use drugs that affect you, and drive.

Nevada DUI cases are never hopeless; many errors can occur. An experienced DUI lawyer from Potter Criminal Defense knows how to strategically handle a DUI case. Call the law firm at 702-997-1774 to schedule a free consultation.