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Perjury word cloudAttention and Quick Actions Set The Potter Law Firm Apart

Cal Potter has experience in fighting for your future, and he doesn’t take it lightly when he’s fighting for your family, your job and to keep your freedom. Mr. Potter has served the Metro Las Vegas area for over 30 years and is knowledgeable of the legal statutes of Nevada as well as the rights of an individual. He uses the details from his extensive investigation in his presentation before the judge, and this precision is what sets him apart from other criminal lawyers. But, Mr. Potter does not have the wait and see approach of some lawyers; he is committed to winning your case from the moment you become his client.

In contrast to the laid back approach, Cal Potter believes there is no time to waste, and he begins to take immediate action even before the first court date or before he has received the police reports. This allows him to begin immediately preparing the investigation. The Potter Law Firm researches pertinent information and important evidence, to efficiently develop your case. Cal Potter is not in a corporate group of lawyers, but he has a hand-picked legal staff that works together as a team for each and every client.

If you have been charged with a serious felony such as fraud, casino markers, assault and battery, violent crimes or other serious charges, it’s time to contact the Potter Law Firm for a free consolation. You will discuss the details of the arrest and learn the rights that you have. Cal Potter believes that the law in the United Sates was made for everyone, and he will work diligently with his legal staff for justice in each case. Mr. Potter is an expert at the most difficult criminal defense trial because his law firm is 100 percent committed to their clients, and it is not surprising that these ethics produce a win in the courtroom.