Act Quickly to Hire Assault Crime Attorneys in Las Vegas

Nevada assault charges must be met aggressively. That means hiring a skilled Las Vegas assault defense attorney as soon as possible. Assault is charged under NRS 200.471. It may also be charged in conjunction with NRS 200.481, which is the state law that deals with battery.

Although “assault” and “battery” are often charged together, it is possible to be charged with assault without also being charged with battery. Assault is sort of considered as if it is attempted battery. This means that if someone lunges at you or raises a fist as if they mean to punch you, then they may be guilty of assault. If that person tackles you or punches you, then they are guilty of battery because they have made physical contact.

Assault can be either a misdemeanor or a felony in Nevada. Whether misdemeanor or felony charges are brought mainly depends upon the precise circumstances of the situation. For instance, someone who aims a gun at another person may be charged with felony assault because of the use of a deadly weapon. If a deadly weapon is used, or even just available during an assault, the charges will almost assuredly be at the felony level. This means that even having a knife or a gun in your pocket during an assault can mean that you’ll be charged with a more serious crime and potentially be facing much more serious consequences.

Even if the accused individual did not have a deadly weapon, they may still have to spend as much as six months in jail and pay a fine of as much as $1,000. The judge has the option of imposing a sentence of community service in lieu of jail time. Potential consequences are much more serious for people who had a deadly weapon in their possession at the time of the assault. They may have to spend between one and six years in a state prison and pay fines of not more than $5,000.

Only an experienced Las Vegas assault attorney can defend your rights in a Nevada criminal court. Contact an aggressive assault lawyer who will fight for you.