Accused of Perjury?

Perjury word cloudAccusations of Perjury Can Lead to a Felony Conviction

Most people know that it’s important to tell the truth, particularly in court. However, many people don’t know that lying under oath, also called perjury, is a felony. NRS 199.020 lays out the penalties for people found guilty of perjury. Considerable prison time and fines are just the beginning. If you’ve been accused of perjury, you need a Nevada criminal defense attorney like Cal Potter working for you.
Under NRS 199.020, perjury can take many forms. A person testifying in court who willfully provides inaccurate information commits perjury as surely as the person who induces another individual to make a false statement. Perjury can be in writing or spoken aloud. The key is that the dishonesty is willful. The person making or swearing to such statements must know that they are not speaking the truth. If someone believes they are being truthful, then they have not committed perjury.Many situations where perjury is alleged are complicated. The facts can turn on a simple slip of the tongue. Because serious consequences can result from a guilty verdict, it’s important to secure Las Vegas criminal defense representation as soon as possible. The Potter Law Offices provide criminal defense to people who have been accused of perjury and other crimes in Nevada. Don’t let a felony conviction follow you for the rest of your life. Hire Cal Potter to defend your legal rights.