Accused of Bribing a Juror?

Businessman in Simple Bribe ConceptThe justice system in Nevada relies upon the impartiality of judges and jurors to make important decisions every day. They are expected to apply facts to the law when determining guilt or innocence and what sort of penalty is appropriate, if any. When someone interferes with this impartial process by offering money or some other kind of reward for a certain outcome, they may be guilty of bribery. By the same token, the person who accepts such a reward would also be guilty under Nevada law. Unfortunately, sometimes innocent people are accused of offering or accepting a bribe. If this has happened to you, call the Las Vegas criminal defense team at Potter Law Offices.

Nevada state law uses NRS 199.010 to define what constitutes bribery of a judge or juror. The offered reward can take almost any form. As long as the receipt of the reward, or the promise of receipt, influences the decision making of the judge or juror, bribery has occurred. The offer does not even have to be accepted. The defendant can still be found guilty and be forced to face the consequences merely for putting forth the suggestion.

In Clark County and beyond, there are several viable defenses to accusations of bribery of a judge or juror. Ask the Las Vegas criminal defense professionals at Potter Law Offices to protect your rights against bribery charges.