Accused of Child Abuse? Now What?

child-1152547_640Nevada Child Abuse Allegations

Nevada law requires that parents exercise proper care and custody of minor children. If they do not, charges under child abuse laws may be brought. NRS 200.508 provides severe penalties for anyone who is convicted of abusing a child. Moreover, such accusations may affect any child custody agreement you have. Contact a Las Vegas child abuse attorney to learn more about your options.

Child abuse or neglect has not necessarily occurred each time such accusations are leveled. Accusations of child abuse are frequently made between divorcing couples when one spouse seeks to keep the other spouse from having child custody. Law enforcement and the courts take such accusations very seriously. They have been known to thoroughly investigate a case of child abuse or neglect based solely on the word of one spouse. Often, there’s no evidence to back up the accusation, but the mere suggestion of such a crime is enough to tarnish a person’s reputation for years to come.

If you have been accused of child abuse, then you need an aggressive legal defense. Call the Nevada criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices. They’ve represented many parents who have been accused of child abuse, and they may be able to help you.

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