Accidents are Not Accidents Unless the Judge Says So

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All types of accidents occur in the hustle and bustle of a city like Las Vegas. Known for 24-hour gambling, parties and entertainment, injuries and even death occur all too often with negligence and DUI accidents NRS 484 at the top of the list. Whether this is the first DUI accident or your fifth, if injuries or death resulted from the accident, you need an experienced lawyer such as Cal Potter to research the situation and expertly represent you in a court of law.

A Skilled Trial Lawyer

Nevada law recognizes that an accident is unintentional when these are proven.

1) There was no criminal intent to do harm.
2) You were not acting negligently.
3) You were engaged in lawful conduct at the time of the accident.

When several charges are added to a DUI charge, such as drug possession NRS 453, possession of illegal firearms NRS 202, grand larceny NRS 205, forgery/casino markers NRS 205 and the passengers were injured, this complicates the case and requires a trial attorney who is skilled in representing the entire case.

Cal Potter is expert in the legal system and proceedings pratciing law in Nevada since 1985. He prefers handling formidable cases, and he can help you with yours. Contact Potter Law office to schedule a free consultation where you can ask questions and learn your rights. Let Cal Potter handle the tough legal problems.