A $1,000,000 Casino Marker in Las Vegas?

Why Extend Credit on Markers that Don’t Collect? NRS 205

Las Vegas is known for its high-rollers at the casinos, and when Andrew Pham racked up over $1 million in casino markers and gambling debts in seven different casinos, they decided that was enough.. After not receiving one payment, the casinos asked the Clark County district attorney’s office for help.

Under Nevada Statutes NRS 205, casino markers are defined as legally binding documents very similar to checks. Casinos in Nevada are fairly liberal in extending credit and issuing markers because they are the mainstay of the gambling industry. Patrons do not like to walk around with a pocket full of cash, so casinos offer the markers.

Up until this point, Pham was still gambling accumulating more debt. After four years Pham came to his senses and pleaded guilty in court. The judge ordered him to pay the debt and to stay out of trouble, which might have been the more difficult penalty of the two.

The Same Story Rises Again, but this Time He Stays out of Court

Another gambler also owed the casinos around $1 million, and he too was still found gambling around the Strip hoping to make it back. This gambler was a bit different than Pham in that he has been making payments of $7,000 every month for three years. According to the accounting, he will make good on the entire debt before 2019!

Casino markers are permitted for locals or tourists, but tourists cannot leave town if they are still in debt. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas for anything related to casino markers, call Potter Law Firm at 702-997-1774 anytime.