911 Calls and Legal Issues

Man Charged with Unlawful 911 Calls

A Henderson man who allegedly made more than 3,600 false 911 calls won’t have to worry about summoning police any longer. That’s because he’s currently in custody at a detention center in that city. Tuy Thai was arrested earlier this month on charges he unlawfully used the 911 system to make fake calls.

Thai had been under investigation by Henderson police for more than a year before his arrest. He had been questioned on numerous occasions about his unlawful 911 calls, but had blamed them on a cell phone malfunction. It seems he made calls from his cell phone and then hung up before an operator could answer.

Although he is thought to have made thousands of calls, he is charged with only 59 counts of unlawful use of the 911 system. If convicted of all 59 counts, Thai could face an excessive fine, as each instance could cost as much as $2,000. Each one of the 59 counts is considered a gross misdemeanor on its own, and carries a one year jail term as well.

Why Thai continuously made these unnecessary calls is unclear. Fortunately, his antics did not result in anyone being denied emergency services. Making false 911 calls could be detrimental to public safety, as dispatchers who are tied up with prank callers cannot handle calls from citizens who are truly in need. Perhaps his arrest will serve as a deterrent to others who might be thinking about needlessly summoning emergency personnel, thereby resulting in a safer community.