Our Clients are Our Passion

People get accused of wrongdoing. Sometimes they did it, sometimes they didn't. Our job is to make the trouble you are facing go away or be minimized. We deal with anything from DUI's to shoplifting or murder cases. We understand the fears you are facing. You need a partner who has your back. The DA is working to make a case against you, who is on your team? This is why we practice law. We make a difference in the lives of our clients!


DUI Defense

People assume if you have got a DUI, then you are guilty and need to pay the maximum penalty.  Many cases though, the police abuse power or make rash judgments which cause a charge to be made when inappropriate.  We don't believe someone's life should be ruined based on a mistake.    Most of our clients are scared, not bad people, and we want to help.


Cyber Crimes

We have seen cases where people have been in trouble for hacking (i.e. the Russians) or looking at sites which are not legal to view where they were not aware they were committing a crime.  We know how to help you in this situation and want to ensure your life can move along as you get your life back.


Hit and Run

Some hit and run cases seem blatant, but adrenaline or ignorance can affect how one reacts to an accident.  Nevada laws are stiff regarding hit and run cases, and we are here to help you get the best outcome.  Don't try and handle these cases on your own.


Domestic Violence

People assume when one is accused of domestic violence it is just a terrible person who couldn't control themselves. We have seen many cases where there were good men being accused of domestic violence as part of a child custody or revenge strategy. Not every case of domestic violence is what people think. We believe every person deserves to be defended well and we work hard to help those accused regain their freedom in cases like these.


Why You Can Trust Potter Criminal Defense

There is a reason we are innocent until proven guilty. Our system believes in the idea no one should be punished for a crime they didn't commit. Sometimes, police trap people into illegal admissions of guilt or violate their rights making an arrest illegal. We work with all the facts in a case to ensure your rights are fully protected and your life can return to normal as soon as possible.

Practice Areas

What to Expect with Potter Criminal Defense


We are dealing with your freedom or fines. You should never have to wonder what is happening. We communicate and make ourselves available for you.

We are realistic. We will tell you the best case we are working for and the worst case. We want to make sure you are not facing any mysteries as we work with you on your case.

We keep your defense affordable. Having 30 years of expertise, we can get done in 1 hour what it takes other attorneys and staff 3 or 4 hours to complete. Our experience keeps your hour costs low.